This Week in the DC!

Rested & Ready to Go! 10.19.15

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Make this a great week!

"You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can." ~ Jimmy Carter

Important Dates & Reminders

  • Great American Shakeout Drill will be October 22nd at 10:22 AM (This is considered “Other” drill – does not have to be reported to state but needs to be turned in to Sherri Mitchell and Larry Stephenson.)

  • Parent/Teacher Conference Thursday, October 29th PM, Friday October 30th AM

  • We will confirm and certify all accreditation reports form the admin office on the 20th. If we need you to adjust something we will call. You will sign a hard copy in at the November Principal meeting.

  • Email Weekly Extra-Curricular Activities (or Monthly Calendar) to Sherri Mitchell and Susan Toombs by Friday of preceding week.

This article spoke to me and the crazy world we as education leaders live. Give it a quick read and see if it resonates...

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Keep the weekly updates coming....

I hope you’ll consider applying and sharing this information with others. Please see the link below the attached picture.

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DCHS Spotlight

We are proud that students from Del City High School have been chosen to participate in the Inclusion Leadership Program at Oklahoma State University.

It is a year-long program for OSU sophomores and high school seniors. Students work together to study diversity, inclusion, technology and leadership in the work place.
The high school students go to OSU around 15 times to work with the college students to learn leadership practices. Del City has been selected in this program because of the schools' programs Women of Worth and Men of Distinction. The four students chosen to participate are: David Savage, Brandon Steward, Kerriann Baker, and Rheannan Wilkins

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The Christmas season is on its way...

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9 weeks in and still all smiles!

This Weeks Happy Music!

Happy Mood Pop Instrumental Music "Epiclogue", Joe Bagale