Boston Marathon Bombing

by: Natasha Turgeon


Every year on the third Monday of April there is a marathon ran to commemorate the 1775 battle of Lexington and Concord. Thousands of runners join each year. On April 15, 2013 two brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, planned and carried out the bombing which killed three and wounded two hundred and sixty. They were not connected to any other terrorist groups, they were said to used the internet to learn and construct the explosives. Tamerlan was tackled by the police, while Dzhokhar drove at the police with an SUV, running his brother over. Tamerlan didnt make it, Dzhokhar got sentenced the death penalty in 2015.

Perspective One

According to ABC news, the older brother, Tamerlan had been subjected to a possible terrorist act just two years earlier, but it never became a thought. Days after the incident, someone called the FBI because they had a photo that could help the investigators. In the picture you see a black backpack on the ground and in front of it, stands eight year old Martin Richard, who didn't make it through the bombing. After the bombing happened, a man was able to tell his brother and doctors that he made interaction with someone who he didn't have a good feeling about. The FBI's came and sketched a picture of what was Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Perspective Two

According to CNN the Boston Marathon bombing was an act of terrorism. "Some of al-Awlakis YouTube videos were found on the Tsarnaevs' computers and devices, were set to nasheeds, the spiritual chants popular among young Muslims." (CNN, O'niell, 28) There is a movement called terrorism to go which a trend on social media. The movement embraces that Muslims are obligated to engage in jihad, which is killing of nonbelievers of Muslims and the follower is believed to be rewarded with a special place in paradise.
Boston Marathon Explosions Video: Two Bombs Near Finish Line


From the research i have constructed i believe the Boston Marathon bombing was a planned terrorist attack. From a CNN article it states some of the texts between Dzhokhar and a friend saying there are other options to reaching Jannah which is the highest level of paradise for Muslims. He then mentioned the fact he had a plan that he would tell his friend about later. Then three months later the Boston Marathon bombing happens, with the brothers involved. The bombs were planted in the crowds of people, who were harmlessly watching their loved ones run, and without a second thought the brothers didn't stop there.

Historical Criticism

Every year on Patriot's Day there is a marathon to honor the start of the Revolutionary War. Thousands of runners come from all over the country. There are always a lot of volunteers and a huge supportive crowd. Until April 15, 2003 it was an exciting event celebrating years of freedom. Two brothers saw a perfect opportunity to try and reach a higher point within their religion by bombing the city of Boston. This put fear in many, injured hundreds and killed three people. Although this frightened many runners, they're very brave and continue to participate in the races.

Culture Criticism

Both brothers were failing at something in life, with the frustration of their family fleeing back to their home country, they thought out a plan to reach Jannah. As i researched how to reach Jannah i found, for anyone whose soul leaves his body and he is free of three things, arrogance, stealing from from the spoils of war and debt. The bombing, massive shootout between the bombers and the police, carjacking, stealing of phones and bank cards, these brothers were up to no good. These acts of crime committed are related to their religion, Islam.