by: Geovanny Gonzalez


Geovanny Gonzalez was born on Fort Worth, TX, and began to write during his second or third year of school. Geovanny is a usually well reserved boy and is only able to confide his thoughts and feelings to the closest of his friends. He is usually a bright boy but is also able to conceive dark thoughts because of the loss he has endured. This anthology will go towards his dog who lived a good two years with him until 2/14/16.

Where I'm From

I am from durable shoes,

From Adidas and Sperry’s.

I am from a small, tidy, welcoming home,

(Simple, cozy, like a fluffed up pillow)

I am from the earthly grass,

the small bushes,

always trimmed so neatly.

I am from huge appetites during Thanksgiving,

from Miguel and Jose.

I am from the inquisitive and noisy,

and the pleasant and sympathy.

From the love for my brother and his love for the family.

With Jesus Christ securely in my heart,

And good long hours in Sunday Church.

I am from Texas and Mexico,

tamales and enchiladas.

From the time I crashed my bike,

the blood my brother shed falling off his trampoline.

In the depths of our mind,

waiting to be surfaced,

all there, bold and withstanding,

wishing we could see them all again.

I am from hardships and warmth,

held together through my family’s love.

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Our Little Dog

She started out in a cage…

No one there except her sister to keep her comfort.

We laid eyes on her and we knew she was the one for us,

She is the one we would keep, the one we would treasure.

She loved us the moment we first held her,

We loved her the same way she loved us.

We took her to our home.

We took her to her new home.

The moment she stepped in we knew she was in paradise,

She would love it here with us.

The days went by,

No one was checking the time.

We played together,

We walked together,

We ran together,

Everything we did was with our little dog.

No one would check the time.

We all forgot that everything has an expiration date.

Our little dog that was barely two years old would have an expiration date.

Valentine’s Day is a day for love,

Yet Valentine’s Day brought me nothing but grief.

Our little dog was put to an end on Valentine’s Day.

We all had precious time with her

Yet not enough…

Pages and Words

Still as statues,

They lie.

Some here

Some there

Clustered together waiting for their end.

Never wandering

Always still.

Yet they are always found in different places

Some here





When there end comes,

No one will remember them.

Except us.

Man's Best Friend

She fills me with wonder,

she fills me with joy.

She is the thunder of a storm,

she fills me with excitement to enjoy.

As white as snow,

as soft as cotton.

As secretive as a hidden grotto,

Never wilts, always everlasting,

Her eyes full of mischief,

her stomach always hungry.

Her face a little mishap,

her love undying.

This dog gives its all to me,

never leaves, never barks.

Just there when you need her,

she is always there with love.

I will do the same.

Love my snow white poodle as she loved me.

Admire her, give her comfort,

make her know she is as important to me as my family.

Eternal Life

My dog was whiter than snow,

She was smaller than the tiniest of ants.

My dog was younger than a newborn baby,

Yet my dog was wiser than Einstein.

She had wisdom beyond her years,

Wisdom that I never knew she had.

Now she's gone,

Now she flies with the stars,

with the moon,

with the clouds.

She will never die,

She will never falter,

She hunts beside Orion.

In the stars eternal,

Never to fall back down again.

Now glows brightly against the night sky,

She is now to be remembered forever,

She now lives forever.

Her Love to Me

Her Love to Me

She would always gaze into my eyes with love.

She would never harm me,

I would always look for her above.

She would never flee.

She always had something to do,

She always found time to eat,

But now we have to say adieu.

Now we can never meet.

She will never leave,

She will always be everlasting.

She is in my heart I must believe.

She is always withstanding.

Even though we have to part,

She will always be in my heart.

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Our Little Dog died February 14, 2016


This anthology was written as a way to express my grief for my little dog. I wished I could've had more time but there is no more. I wrote this anthology for you to share my sorrow because it is more than I can bare.