Exposure Triangle

By. Ashtyn Tuttle

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is used to set the amount of light that you let in and how fast or slow the shutter moves. The slower the shutter speed the longer the light will be let in and the brighter the picture will be. If you are trying to capture a moving object you will want a faster shutter speed. Also when you have your shutter open longer the object may blur, so you may have to use a fast shutter speed for something moving.
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Aperture utilizes the depth of field. If you want the background to be blurred and your subject up close to be focused you would use a smaller aperture which would result in a larger opening. Noise may occur meaning the picture may become grainy if not used properly.
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ISO controls the sensitivity to the light. The higher the ISO the more sensitive it is to the light. The lower the less. When in a bright situation like in the sunlight or a lit room usually 100-200 does just fine. For a cloudy day or a not so lit setting 400 and up would be more appropriate.

White Balance

The color balance on a digital camera. Settings can be changed to make the picture look different to whatever your taste is.

Exposure Triangle

The exposure triangle is made up of the three components to taking a picture; ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. These three components can be used to change your picture quality, light, blur, and much more.