Articles of confederation


What were the articles of confederation?

The articles were Americans first government . They were designed to be weak because America did not want anymore problems like they had with king George .

Strength of the articles

Governed the nation during the revolutionary war, negotiated the treaty of Paris at the end of the war, passed the land ordinance of 1785.

Weaknesses of the articles

Lacked power to enforce law, lacked power to levy taxes.

North west ordinance of 1787

A system to turn nw tempter into states one important thing about it they were used this system to add states to our country . One positive thing was organized way to make states .one negative thing 60,000 to make a states

Shays rebellion

Farmers thrown in jail because they were in debt . Daniel shays leads rebellion against the government . One positive thing they got tired of the articles and one mad thing farmers were thrown in jail.