Should mixed martial arts be banned

Nasiha Kadric

MMA Safer Than Boxing.

"Yet MMA, a sport that has been likened to human cockfighting, appears to be less dangerous than boxing, according to a study done by Edmonton physician Dr. Shelby Karpman, who along with other Edmonton doctors checks out MMA fighters before and after every fight".

It proves that MMA is not as brutal as boxing.

I think Mix Martial Arts is a good sport because it's hands-on. It should be legalized because it is a fun sport and people love it. It is illegal now because people say it's dangerous. People do not want to get little kids involved.

Martial Arts Matches Legalized

"Legislators from Bridgeport were some of the strongest advocates for the bill and said the sport would help their region economically".

This proves that the community can make a lot of money off of it.


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