Organizing Around Evaluation

Google Hangout OnAir Live

Organizing Around Evaluation

MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2014 @ 7:00 PM!

Join us for NJEA's first ever Google Hangout OnAir Live! See and hear a panel of local association leaders discuss their efforts in organizing their members around New Jersey's new evaluation system. Hear what they are doing to not only empower their members to take control of the new evaluation system but also engage parents to action through sustainable community efforts.

Ask questions of the panelists and make comments on the discussion via Today's Meet.

With us on the panel will be:

· Kate Baker, Southern Regional Education Association

· Mike Kaminski, Delran Education Association

· Mike Mannion, Central Regional Education Association

· Ani McHugh, Delran Education Association

· Thomas Stelling, Kingsway Education Association

· Mark Weber aka The Jersey Jazzman

· Roxanne Williams, Willingboro Education Association

Moderated by:

· Jim Boice, NJEA Field Representative, Organizational Development

· Mike Ritzius, Association Director of Professional Development and Instructional Issues, NJEA

Organizing Around Evaluation: NJEA's first ever Google Hangout OnAir Live!

Monday, Oct. 27th, 7pm

This is an online event.


1. Empower members to take control of the new evaluation system by organizing through their local association.

· Ensure that our members know the model in place in their district, know what the DEAC and ScIP are, and are educated on their role in the observation process.

· Improve the functioning of the DEAC and ScIP. Create a Local Evaluation Committee.

2. Engage and inspire parents to action through a sustainable community effort.

· The goal in each community would be for parents to reach a tipping point where the majority of them become informed on the issues and are empowered to take action to delay or even stop AchieveNJ and PARCC because of their over-reliance and misuse of standardized tests and their negative impact on students.