Welcome to Lineville

By: Evan Cumbers


When your coming to Lineville don't be scared it's fun. I really like Lineville here are some things I am going to tell you about Lineville.

Lockers and locks

Have you ever gotten anything stolen, you won't at Lineville. Lockers and locks are fun you have a lock so people can't break into your locker. Also a lock turns 2 times to the left than 1 time to right then left again. Also lockers can be big and small they have one shelf on the top the locker are a very useful thing for school.These are some things about lockers and locks.


Hey I hope you like houses we have them at Lineville something about houses no one likes learning or school but any way.There are 8 of them the houses and teachers are very nice and there could be 2 to 4 main teachers.The teachers are trying their best to have kids learn.Miss. Ashley and Mr. hart are the assistant and the principal.The houses are different you do different things.These are some of the things they do.

Team time

I am going to tell you what team times is. You do different things in team. In the clubhouse you play silent ball and do different games or some people just do nothing while other play on technology.these are some things about team.


Everybody likes lunchtime to get away from class.Lunchtime has commons meal distract meal or your own the district meal is different than others the commons is different food than the distract the food very the commons have figures on Monday and Friday.These are some things about lunchtime I hope you have a fun lunch.

Music choices

Today I am going to write about the three choices. You can chose band,choir,orchestra. They are three you can pick from band has to do with instruments and it's very loud. Also orchestra has to do with instruments it is much quieter and is more fun I think the last but not least is choir it is the best best I love it much.Those are some things about music choices.


Bye guys.Hope you like my story about Lineville. Have fun next year.