Holifield Happenings

September 24, 2015

Upcoming Events

Sept. 25 (Fri) - Interims go home

Sept. 28 (Mon) - Dr. Doug Science Session

Sept. 30 (Wed) - Picture Day; Beta Club Induction & Reception 1:45

Oct. 2 (Fri) - Moms Make a Difference

Oct. 8 (Thurs) - Parent Teacher Conferences

Oct. 12 (Mon) - Parent Teacher Conferences

Oct. 22 (Thurs) - End of 1st 9 weeks; Early Release

Oct. 23 (Fri) - Hero Hustle Fund Raiser

Oct. 27 (Tues) - PBIS Ice Cream Social (30 hands)

Oct. 29 (Thurs) - Report cards go home

Oct. 30 (Fri) - Pumpkin Investigations in our classroom (more info coming...4-5 adults & several supplies needed)

Social Studies: We will begin our Native American unit next week. Please keep an eye out for the Native American research project information packet soon.

Reading: We had our first Socratic Seminar of the school year on Wednesday. I was impressed with your children! I actually had goosebumps at one point. We used our TFK magazines as the text. Speaking of TFK, I had three children this week that needed to borrow a magazine. I realized today that I need to make sure that you, the parents, understand the policy that I have about this. The children were informed on the day that I handed out the first magazine.

Your child may borrow a magazine one time in the school year, because I realize that everybody has a bad day/week at some point. However, I need your child to learn to be responsible for keeping up with and bringing the appropriate materials to class. Because of this, if they come to class on quiz day without their magazine beyond the first time, they will take the quiz without a magazine. This doesn't usually happen, but when it does it is a good teaching time. This one bad grade alone will not mean a bad 9 weeks grade. Most children are still grieved over seeing that bad grade in their Thursday folder. It tends to be a tough love sort of moment. :-(

In Writing, we've worked hard this week on tweaking topics, finding books for resources, and some children have moved on to looking for information from a website. We've also worked on the organization of the information book so that their note-taking can be more intentional.

In Science, this week we have worked on observations using our senses and discussed qualitative versus quantitative observations. Tomorrow, we will wrap up our observations with some qualitative observations and predictions. We are working our way to being able to work through the entire Scientific Method in a fun classroom experiment.

In Math, this week have worked on identifying numbers based on certain clues or attributes. We are also trying to solidify the different between factors and multiples. Some words that you can use at home to help with this are, "Factors are few, Multiplies are Many". Factors are the number itself or smaller. Multiples are the number itself or greater.

We have nominee books in our classroom!!!

I purchased a bunch of the nominee books this past weekend (14 to be exact), and they were put into our classroom circulation yesterday!! Today I noticed that over half of them have been signed out! :-) First goal met!!

Scholastic Book Club Online ordering

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