Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lent: Giving Up the Quick Fix

Rarely does true transformation happen overnight.


The Economics of Pro Sports

This might be useful in increasing engagement and interest in economics:

The Sports Page provides nine solid innings of economics content, everything from supply and demand to salary caps. The Teachers Guide contains more than 50 activities and discussion exercises geared to a variety of learning styles.


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Parent Teacher Conference Bingo:

Where Should My Waste Go?

Besides an interactive game, you will also find lessons and activities from packing a waste-less lunch to getting the dirt on composting. Plus, read the Trash Talk blog for stories of Garbology in practice.


Curate a Story

. This site opens the opportunity to take our favorite social media and build stories. Find posts, tweets, links, articles, blogs, and more for your creation! . Grades 6-12.

Calendars of Monthly Writing Prompts

Toasted Cheese is a site that offers a monthly calendar of daily writing prompts. The whole month is laid out with a different prompt each day. Teachers can also scroll through prompts from previous months in order to locate an appropriate resource for their classroom


Create a Photo Gallery

DropMocks is a site which allows you to create photo galleries by dragging photos from your desktop or any folder into your browser. Once you have created a gallery, the images can be share via a site generated link.