All About Me

Mikea Mullins


In my free time, I doodle. I don't know if I'm any good at it, but at I do have a lot of practice from scribbling in the margins of my homework.

I also do origami, which I enjoy because it's hard. On the surface, origami seems easy because all you have to do is follow the steps, but it's actually really difficult. If you mess anything up--even by folding the paper forward instead of backward--the paper is utterly screwed up and you fail life.

I do puzzles, too. I have multiple 500-1000 piece puzzles and four 3D puzzles.

The #1 Item on My Bucket List

These are step-by-step instructions for what I want to do before I die, okay? Take it seriously.

  1. Go to an ice cream shop
  2. Buy an ice cream cone (Specifically a CONE. None of this bowl nonsense.)
  3. Ask cashier if he/she believes in unicorns
  4. Smash cone on forehead, thus creating 'unicorn'
  5. Walk away calmly
  6. Life goal completed


I have four people in my family: me, my parents, and my little brother. My parents are Glen and Staci Mullins. My mom teaches Pre-K at Cooper West, and my dad is the technology manager in the College of Education at Texas Tech. My brother, Nate, is a fifth grader at Cooper West.

My Cousins' Dog

Meet Spot, my cousins' lovable derpy dog. Spot is sweet, but he looks vaguely stupid. He has an underbite, his eyes cross, and he is fat. He enjoys overeating, begging for food, burrowing under blankets, and digging through trash cans. He also threw up on me twice the last time I saw him. (It was only me. No one else got vomited on, and he acted completely fine after we left.)


Long term, I would like to graduate from high school and go to college. After college, I want to start a career at Not a Fast Food Restaurant. (Seriously, I have no clue what I'm going to do with my life.) Short term, I would like to get an A on this project and figure out what I'm going to do in life so that I don't end up living with my parents forever. (Also, I'd love a pizza. Pizza would be great.)