The story of a team that dreamed the impossible


The movie Undefeated did an excellent job of showing how if you work together to achieve a goal, that you can achieve any goals you set your mind too. They did this by learning character and being discipline on and off the field.


The purpose of the movie was to show that when a group of people work hard to achieve a goal, anything is possible. Bill Courtney was the coach of the Manassas Tigers, a team that in the past were very un-coachable and not very good overall. This group of boys faced many struggles and were looked at as a undisciplined team that doesn't play together. Coach Courtney taught them to believe in themselves and learn to trust their teammates. He turned a team that never was successful on the field, to a team that finished 9-1. Even though they lost in the first round, he coached them to a playoff game, and the boys had the opportunity to be apart of a winning team, learning life lessons that they will never forget.

Achieving the Purpose

The film Achieved the Purpose

The purpose of this whole documentary was too show how a group of troubled inner-city kids came together through proper coaching to have a successful season. An example of how the film achieved the purpose were showing how players like O.C Brown were able to stay focused and work hard, ultimately leading to the opportunity to play Collage Football. Coach Courtney saved many of these kids futures by teaching them to be discipline and show them ways to build character and carry themselves with class. Coach Courtney also showed throughout the documentary that he spent almost all of his time helping to better this group of boys, compared to spending personal time with his own family. He never received a dime for all the time he put In with the boys, but he touched their lives in so many ways that can make him proud to call himself a true man and leader. He was like a father figure to these boys, cause without Football, some of the boys had absolutely nothing to motivate them in their lives.


After watching the film I realized that there is truthfully great people in this world. The impact Coach Courtney had on those boys made me feel so good and proud of him for wanting to see a group of struggling boys succeed and be happy with their lives. It makes me want to help others who are in need of support and help because they don't receive the same opportunities with their lives compared to others. As a whole this film really makes you think about your life, and how we can do so many things if we just chose to put our heart and time into it.