English 1310: College Writing I

M/W: meet online; F: face-to-face class meeting, FH 252

A course that will prepare you for college reading and academic writing.

English 1310 is a course in expository writing. You will study the principles of effective composition, with emphasis on the improvement of papers through revision and the critical reading of substantive nonfiction texts. While self-expressive and narrative writing may serve as a means of supporting ideas within a given paper, such writing is not, in itself, the focus of the course. This syllabus supplements the general First-Year English Syllabus, available online at www.english.txstate.edu.

Books and Supplies:

  • The Bedford Handbook, 8th edition
  • Reading the World: Ideas that Matter
  • First-Year English Syllabus
  • Daily access to a computer and a reliable internet connection

A little bit about your instructor...


  • Written responses and participation on TRACS forum
  • Participation in weekly chat sessions and periodic online peer-review sessions
  • Five papers
  • Final Exam

(You cannot pass this course unless you submit all papers and take the final.)

How the class works:

The expectation is that on Mondays, we will “meet” from 11-11:50 using the TRACS chat feature. You must be logged into chat by 11AM in order to be counted as present.

On Wednesdays, you will either post a 100-300-word response to the week’s assigned readings OR a typed draft/plan for one of the out-of-class essays to our class TRACS forum by 9PM. (Consult the course calendar to determine what is due.)

In order to get full credit for participation in that week’s forum, you must reply to at least one of your classmate’s posts by 5PM on Thursdays. If you don’t respond to one of your classmates’ posts, you will not receive full credit for the Forum.

On Fridays we will meet in FH 252. You are expected to be prompt and prepared for the day’s class.