Dakota Walden

Hunger Games vs. Romeo and Juliet

Katniss vs. Juliet

Katniss and Juliet are alike in many ways, but the main way they are alike is bravery. One of the things that made Katniss so brave is that she volunteered for her sister Prim at the reaping instead of making Prims innocent 12 year old self go into the Hunger Games. Juliet shows bravery because she risks her life in a dangerous plan by drinking poison for someone she loves. So, they both are willing to do something for people they love, which shows bravery.

Peeta vs. Romeo

Peeta and Romeo are alike in a romantic way. What I mean by this is that both of them like the girl they are with. Even though in The Hunger Games Katniss doesn't like Peeta back the book is still based on a love story, And in Romeo and Juliet they both love each other.

Rendered new

The hunger games is rendered new from Romeo and Juliet in several ways.

~In both books there is two rivals, in the Hunger Games their is the districts and capitol, in Romeo and Juliet their is the Montagues and Capulets.

~In both books there is a rebel against someone or something... in the Hunger Games Katniss and Peeta want to rebel against the hunger games, in Romeo and Juliet both characters want to rebel against their family's religion/beliefs.

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