The Raft Research

By:Giovanni Rodriguez

The Raft (Before the Plane crashed)

Robe lived in midway she did not have any connection to the internet and did not have any friends that were her age but their were also good things about midway that she could do. Robie had traveled lot of times because her parents were research biologists. Robie was in Honolulu with Aj, Aj had to leave to LA so Robie had stayed in Aj apartment until she got back. Robie had went to get food from McDonald, someone was calling Robie thinking it was someone else, so went running to Aj's apartment. Robie wanted to head back to midway and she was trying to find someone but instead she found Larry so Larry let Robie go on the plane. Robie was frighted to go on the plane because she kept thinking it would crashed. Robie had met Max, the plane was starting to lose control so Max started brining rafts and then gave on the Robie and Max pushed her off the plane.

The Raft (In The Ocean)

Robie had got pushed of the plane, Robie had thought dying was easy then being alive.Max had pulled Robie from the ocean, Max had a big scare in his forehead, Max was losing a lot of blood.While in the raft Robie was worried that max going to die.Max and Robie were in the raft for days. Robie had actually pushed Max into the ocean because Max was not waking up. Robie was alone in the raft, Robie had found a commanders box that Robie could use. Robie had heard a plane, Robie was trying to make the drone come to her so she got a flare a tuned it on and it was the wrong one so the drone started to go away. Robie had found Maxes ditty bag. Robie then had found a bait ball that attracted fish to get so she could eat. Robie had found a island and was trying to get their but it was surrounded by coral.The raft was heading towards the coral and ripped the raft to species and Robie was in the island.

The Raft (In The Island)

Robie had gotten in the island and Robie could not see in one of her eye.Robe had found lighter so she could make a signal fire so she can be rescued.Robie had found a Hawaiian monk seal that was in pain so Robie could not save the seal so she did nothing to it.Robie had seen a baby seal coming to his mother so he could feed.Robie had admitted that max was not alive that she had pushed him off the raft.Robie had named the seal Starbuck so she would have someone to stay with her.Robie had seen a yellow suit coming near her and it had a dead body.While robie was holding the suit sharks started to come near her so Max was trying to tell Robie to get away.Robie's started reading Maxes diary because she did not know much about him.A ship was coming near the island but Robie thought it was just a illusion so she did not think it was real.People started coming out the ship it was called the NOAA.The people saw Robie, and she got saved and went back home.

The Raft (Five Connections)

The raft book reminds me about the book called the Cay.The Raft had some excited thrilling stuff that happened in the book.This book is like a Tv show about surviving in the wild by what they had.I had watch movies about survival and other sorts of things.The raft is a pretty good book it is a awesome book and I would recommend people to read it.