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In this September 2016 issue:

EdcampHESD, Growth Mindset resources, a Code.org Workshop and the Back to School Tech Update video.


World premier of Edcamp HESD

Hueneme is hosting it's first ever EDCAMP on October 1 and it is a DON'T MISS EVENT! Come to Green Jr. High for a time of collaborating with colleagues and three sessions about the things you want to talk about most.

Not sure what this is all about? Join us and see for yourself. More information and free registration at the website. Check it out!

Edcamp HESD (Free)

Saturday, Oct. 1st, 8am-12:45pm

3739 South C Street

Oxnard, CA

Go to the EdcampHESD website

Click to get more info about edcamp, use links to buy a tshirt and/or register for the event

Growth Mindset meets the Dojo Monsters and Dot Day

If you aren't already familiar with the Growth Mindset philosophy or the Class Dojo video series, stop for a moment and consider this: Adorable, short videos. Discussion questions. And a HUGE impact on your students willingness to try. What's not to love?

Growth mindset thinking helps students see that they can always get better and it is worth the effort! It is the fixed mindset that says "I'm just not any good at ___ so why bother". Let the Class Dojo monsters explain to your students in easy-to-understand language how the brain works and why it is worth it to work it!

See Class Dojo Growth Mindset resources

Click for videos and discussion questions on the classdojo website

Dot Day 2016 is this week

Familiar with the book about a student who feels she isn't artistic, so she can't try? She learns to make a dot and start somewhere. Dot Day is a time to introduce the growth mindset idea of not waiting until you are an expert, but knowing that learning is a journey.
Get more information about Dot Day here

Click here to see a newsletter full of Dot Day resources!

Coding Curriculum Workshop for Hueneme Teachers with code.org

Curious about Hour of Code? Have you explored coding with your students and want to know more? This Code.org workshop is just for you! Hueneme teachers get priority registration---it won't be opened to other districts unit October 1 when we announce it at Edcamp.

This workshop is free and you will learn about how the curriculum they provide will help you teach many content standards as well as the 4Cs of 21st century learning: collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity.

These workshops are offered around the state, but we are bring one to Hueneme just for you! Get more information and save your spot by clicking on the button below.

Coding Workshop for K-5 Teachers (free)

Saturday, Nov. 19th, 8am-2:30pm

A Hueneme school near you!

Register for Nov. 19th Code.org workshop

Click to get more information and register to save your seat. See you Nov. 19th!

ICYMI (in case you missed it)... the Back to School Update video for your viewing enjoyment!

Back to School 2016 Clever
Captain Tech

Episode 1: Captain Tech teaches how to connect your computer and document camera

Captain Tech - Season 1 - Episode 1

Liz Hoppe, technology resource teacher

Hope your year has gotten of to a great start and you are enjoying learning with your students!