All About Me

my future

My personality

I am right brained. When we took the personality test my score for right brain was 35, and left was only 10.


I'm an orange person! This means that i need freedome more than anything. whn looking for a job i need to look for one that can provide me with a lot of freedome. This means I am artistic, Multi-tasker, Adaptable, Creative, Witty, and spontanious.

Jobs i want

Interior Design:

~ $25,720-$86,430

~ Cordinate with other profetionals: such as contractors, architechs, etc.

~ confer with clients to determine factors affecting planning interior enviorments.

~ render design ideas in form of paste ups or drawlings.

~ I would want this job because i am very right brained, and enjoy creating things to make them look eveb better than they do.


~ $17,450- $65,510

~ Create artificial light

~ Scan photographs into computers for editing, storage, and electromic transmission.

~ Take pictures of individuals, families, and small groups; either in studio or location.

~ I am very right brained, and would enjoy the creative aspect of this job.