Warrior Weekly

For the Week of March 9-13, 2015

Fantastic Effort on ISTEP!

A very HUGE thank you to everyone for all that was done to assist with ISTEP this past week. We had so many people help with last minute changes, giving tests and having subs in their classrooms, filling in for proctors or teachers who were out at the last minute, helping with extra recess duties, and the list could go on. Thanks for your teamwork and understanding! Part 1 is complete, other than a few make-up tests for students who were absent! Everyone I have spoken with has shared they were super impressed with the dedication and work ethic students had during the test! NWES is amazing!! :)

PTO Pottery Painting Night!

We had a fantastic evening with families as they painted various pieces of pottery. Thank you to our PTO and Mrs. Abrams for all that was done to get the event ready. It was very organized and highly praised by those who were able to come. We had almost 100 people in attendance. Wow! Check out the pictures on our Facebook or the PTO Facebook. We will share a picture of all of the pottery once it has been fired in the kiln. It should be impressive!

School Improvement Focus of the Week!

Please revisit the power and impact of conferring during Reader's Workshop. We are focusing some of our conferring on specific skills and strategies relevant to reading and comprehending non-fiction work. Please use your conferring notes during your collaboration time this week and provide some of the discussion points in your minutes from your team/department meeting.

The Schedule!!

  • 7:35--Reading Committee Meeting--(NWES)--Conference Room
  • 6:30--Fifth Grade Parent Night at WMS
  • 7:35--Grade Level/Department Team Meetings--Please include a discussion on different conferring strategies you are using in reading. How do you track the skills that are discussed and the next steps that each child needs to work on?
  • 7:35--SMART Start--Math Workshop Presentation by Autumn, Lisa, and Emily. They will be sharing the various approaches they use in their classrooms with the Math Workshop concept.
  • 7:35--RTI--Team 1
  • 8:00--Case Conference
  • 9:00--Administration Meeting
  • Staff Birthday Celebration!
  • 2:00--Case conference
Project-Based Learning

March is "Music in Our Schools Month".