Mrs. Sullivan's Second Grade News

September 28, 2015

PYP Unit/ Who We Are

Central Idea: Responsible choices may contribute to a healthy body.

Lines of Inquiry: Needs of the body; Safe decisions for self and community; Assessing personal healthy choices

We kicked off our unit with the Brown Bag Mystery. Students predicted what was in each of two brown bags and will find out today if their prediction was correct. We appreciate all of the parents who sent a favorite treat in the brown bag we sent home last Friday. Ask your child each night what they learned as we research nutritional information, inquire into nutritional terminology, what it means to our bodies, look at how our treats fit into food groups, and compare our treats. It's going to be a busy week!

Reading, Writing, & Spelling

Students continue to choose good fit books to read during Daily 5. In small groups we are working on vowels, digraphs & blends, and comprehension skills.

Students are learning how to edit using a rough draft, using dictionaries to check spelling, learning about punctuation, and making final copies using small paper books.

We are now using the new spelling program. Please make sure your child is practicing at home. The spelling patterns used in this program will help your child in his/her writing and reading.


We are moving on to subtraction, adding more than 2 numbers, adding double digit numbers, skip counting, and adding money. Please work with your child at home on each of these skills. The faster a student can add or subtract in his/her head, the faster he/she will progress through this chapter.