O'Brien victim or villain?

Jose Urdaneta

what is your view on O'Brien.

I guess we could say that O'Brien is nether or both. From my view point O'Brien is a product of society and he just does what he's told. What i have learned from previous experiments i have witness, is that people are not really evil they are just caught up in the moment. He could have been a normal human been before the so called 'revolution'. O'Brien is truly fascinating to me he sees the world the exact way this distopian society wants you to see the world. in my opinion he's more of a victim than a villain, it has been proven normal sane humans. will do incredibly brutal things to others if instructed to due so by an authority figure. this can be what Orwell was trying to show his audience. He wanted to us to see how much harm a regular human like you and i can cause so much pain in another person when told to so and the worse part is that O'Brien did all of this without second guessing himself.