Mrs. Faccio's 1st Grade Newsletter

May 13, 2016

What's Up in the Classroom?

Writing - We are still working on opinion writing. Students were introduced to adding recommendations and comparisons in their writing this week. This helped them focus on who they were trying to convince in a given situation. It also helped provide options to compare ideas to when sharing through writing. For example, comparing a waterpark in Wisconsin Dells (which many may have never been to) with one in Green Bay (which many may have been to) may help the reader understand more and make them want to go there.

Reading - This week has been all about comprehension as well as cause and effect relationships. Now that the students can read so well, I are making sure that they are reading for meaning. It's been amazing to watch them grow as readers. I think about how far they've come and am amazed!

Math - The focus was 2 digit addition this week. Students learned different methods of addition and practiced using their preferred method. The idea is to understand place value and know that when they are carrying a 1 to the next column, it is really a 10 they are carrying.

Science - Students learned about the sun this week. Their benchmark for 1st grade is to know the Earth's position in the universe. We are practicing the order of the planets. One of our musical songs has them singing the order so that's been helpful. We've also used a mnemonic device - My Very Excited Mother Just Served Us Nachos (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune). Students learned that Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.

Spelling - We are still plugging away on our spelling. Students were given a spelling inventory (test) this week and I was soooooo pleased with their progress. Comparing it to the beginning of the year was amazing. Many students who had maybe 5 out of the 20 words spelt correctly in the beginning of the year, now have all 20 correct. They are able to identify the patterns of spelling and apply them to new words. So excited!!

Field Trip

This week is our field trip to Barlow!! It's on Thursday, May 19th. We will leave school around 9:15 and return by 2:30. This is an indoor field trip but lunch will be outside (weather permitting). So, please check the temperatures and plan accordingly for clothing. If students bring jackets or sweaters, we can easily leave them on the bus as the bus will be staying on site so feel free to send them if the morning is chilly. Also, don't forget to back a lunch for your child with their name clearly labeled on the front. If possible, send the lunch in a plastic or paper bag with items that can all be thrown away afterwards. Students will visit the museum and the planetarium to learn more about the solar system and rocks. I'm really looking forward to a fun learning day!!

Mini Musical

Just a reminder that our mini musical performance is on Monday, May 23rd at 10:30. It should run about 45 minutes. Please come if you are able and feel free to stay for lunch (which is at 11:20). Keep up all the hard work with practicing those scripts! Mr. Martin (director and writer of the musical) will be here tomorrow (Monday) and Wednesday (the 18th) for rehearsal with the students. I can't wait to see this adorable performance!!

Special Days Next Week

Monday - Play rehearsal from 10-11

Wednesday - Play rehearsal from 10-11

Thursday - Field trip to Barlow from 9:15-2:30

Friday - Student council dress up day (Sport's Day) and early release at 1:20