My Resume For A Pharaoh

Alexandra Zip AKA Maat

Hieroglyphic name for Maat

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What Maat is best known for.

She is known for being nice and holy, and serving justice. But what she is really known for is weighting hearts. When you die she will decide if your spirt will live in a nice heaven the place or you suffer. The way that she decided's that is what she it known for. She will weight your heart. If your heart is heavy that means you have a big heart and go to the heaven type place. But if your heart is lite you go to were you suffer.

How long did Maat Rule

She ruled from 2375 BC to 2345 BC.

Where did she rule?

Maat ruled in a lot of places no one could really find her.

Family Life

Maat is the daughter of the Egyptian sun deity Ra, and the sister of Air God Shu also the wife of the moon god Thoth, together they have eight children Chief Gods and Goddesses of Hermopolis.
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Education and Skills

Weighing hearts and soles

Was associated with the law in ancient Egypt from the 5th dynasty (2510-2370 BC)

Working with judges for the law.

Went to the Egyptian law school in Egypt (2326 BC to 2329 BC)


Spending time at the court, being with her husband and eight children, and teaching justice and truth.

Maat Pyramids

Yes she was a goddess but she did rule parts of Egypt. So she did have a pyramid call the Truth Pyramid there were walls in there with pictures of truth and justice.
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Temple of Maat

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How did she die?

It is not it writing how she died but she died in Ancient Egypt.

Quotes that make me think of Maat

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde


Disclamer For My Teacher

Even thought she is named a goddess, her father was a king, and she did rule parts of Egypt.