The Maze Runner

By: James Dashner

Author: James Dashner

James used to study accounting and finance, but has been writing full time for several years. James absolutely loves to read, watch movies, and ski. James wrote the Jimmy Fincher series, the 13th Reality series, the Maze Runner series, and the Infinity Ring series. The Maze Runner was inspired by the book Ender's Game and Lord of the Flies. James writes his novels for young adults, and writes in the category of science fiction. James feels like he is the luckiest guy in the world to be able to write full time.


Thomas: is the protagonist. He has no memory of who he is or where he came from. He is clever, proves to be loyal, brave, bold, good-hearted, telepathic, and an exceptional leader. Thomas is the last boy to arrive at the Glade, and later befriends many important people.

Minho: is one of the eldest Gladers. He is Keeper of the Runners and makes maps of where he and the the other runners have searched in the Maze. Minho is respected, a strong leader, and befriends Thomas later in the novel which because a very critical relationship.

Newt: is the second leader of the Glade. He is tall, muscular, blonde, sarcastic, friendly, helpful, easy going, and steps up to the position of the first leader when things go awry at the Glade. Newt is one of Thomas' first friends when he arrives at the Glade.

Chuck: is a young, chubby, talkative, annoying, funny, innocent and awkward boy. Chuck is Thomas' guide when he first arrives at the Glade and they instantly become friends. Chuck looks up to Thomas like brother.

Teresa: is the first girl to ever arrive at the Glade. The girl knows what the purpose of the maze is and why everyone is there, but she goes into a coma, and upon awakening her memory is gone. Terese is telepathic, sweet, pale-skinned, dark haired, and shares a connection with Thomas. She is a key player to escaping the Maze.

Alby: is the leader of the Glade. He has the most experience because he was one of the first Gladers to arrive in the Glade. He is hot-headed and respected, but when Alby get stung by a Griever he goes through the Changing making him and his decisions untrustable.

Gally: is a bully, especially to Thomas. He is arrogant, self-centered, rude, out-spoken, and very opinionated. He had been stung by a Griever and went through the Changing where he saw Thomas, so his suspicion is targeted at Thomas who he believes is responsible for everything that has happened to the Gladers.

Clint and Jeff: are the Med-Jacks of the Glade. They are the doctors and care for Gladers who have been injured or have been stung by a Griever.

The Creators: are a group of people that designed the Maze to conduct experiments with the children. They put the Gladers through near-death experiments because they wanted to see who would give up or who would keep trying to escape.


Thomas arrives at the Glade with no memory. His purpose, or so he thinks, is to help the other Gladers escape the Maze. When the Girl arrives, the Glade is practically being shut down. The supplies have stopped coming, the sun has disappeared, and the doors of the Maze no longer close allowing the Grievers to enter the Glade. It is up to Thomas and Teresa to get the other Gladers out of the Maze also facing the problem of having to do it with no memory.


Thomas awakens in a pitch black lift with no memory and is surprised when the doors open to the Glade. Thomas meets the other boys that have also arrived at the glade with out recollection of any memory. The Glade is surrounded by a maze whose doors open and close on a schedule every day. A new boy is delivered to the Glade every thirty days, but the Gladers are taken by surprise when the first girl ever is delivered one day after Thomas arrives. The girl brings answers to the Glade sparking a connection between her and Thomas, and their connection to the Glade. The Gladers receive supplies from the creators of the maze, but soon after the arrival of the girl, supplies have stopped arriving, the sun has disappeared, and the doors do not move allowing the Grievers to enter the Glade. What will this mean for the fate of the Gladers?


"' My memory's fading already, Tom. I won't remember much when I wake up. We can pass the Trials. It has to end. They sent me as a trigger. It was you and me, Tom. We did this to them. To us'" ( Dashner 184).

This passage represents the importance of the arrival of the Girl, Teresa, who catalyzes the escape from the maze. When Teresa first arrives at the Glade she falls into a coma and telepathically reveals to Thomas everything she still has memory of, but when she awakens she has no memory of anything. This passage represents that Teresa and Thomas are the key to the escape of Gladers from the maze after two years of being trapped there without an escape plan.


The Maze Runner is targeted at young adults because this novel deals with the issues and problems of teenagers that most adults don't understand. Young adults deal with maybe similar issues that the protagonist must also deal with allowing young adults to have a greater feel for the storyline. Few adults may enjoy this novel if they are into a science fiction, thriller type of genre. The central aim of this novel pertains to young adults ranging anywhere from ages thirteen to seventeen and maybe older depending on the type of a read a person may enjoy.


In my opinion, The Maze Runner was an exceptional novel because it had action, adventure, and thriller that kept me entertained and wanting more. This novel also had a hint of romance creating a slight twist to the adventurous voyage of the protagonist. I would recommend this novel to any young adult interested in an adventurous read.

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