HJHS Weekend Update

January 31, 2016

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Every Student, Every Day

Thanks for a great professional development experience Friday! Our leaders did a great job sharing activities that could be used in classrooms as they facilitated our learning. I appreciate your willingness to grow and learn. Educators that are demonstrating being lifelong learners!

As we continue to work through these next weeks of school, remember to take care of yourself too. Between the hum-drums of the weather and the viruses floating around the building, it is important to focus on both physical and mental health! Now that basketball is over, Rico has talked about the possibility of a Zumba class!! Interested? Exercising is a healthy to relieve some stress! Not to mention we have some pretty enjoyable faculty/staff members, laughter is the best medicine of all!

We have made great progress in all areas and cannot lose our focus on moving all students forward even in these long, dreary winter days! Our time is limited – make every day count for every child in your class.

Thanks for all you do to help ALL of our students grow!!


Upcoming Events and Notes for this week at HJHS!


Monday, February 1: Data meetings during common planning (if subs are available, we will have entire departments meet); Plans for At-Risk Students are due (details below)

Wednesday, February 3: Faculty Meeting

********* DATE CORRECTION - PTA Open House ****************

Thursday, February 25

Detention and Silent Lunch Reminders

We have created both Silent Lunch and Afternoon Detentions based on your request for additional consequences for "class 1" behaviors in the classroom.

We have just a few easy steps everyone will need to follow:
1. Parents must have 24 hours notice concerning a detention - you may call or send a written notice. If you send a written notice then I would have the student sign a copy or a sheet stating when the detention is scheduled and when the note to the parent was sent home. (We are looking at getting some detention notices from the Print Shop that are on duplicates.)

2. It is the assigning teacher's responsibility to enter the information on the Google Doc (silent lunch or detention) before the assigned detention AND to verify the student's attendance (silent lunch or detention).

3. If you check a detention list and your assignee does not attend, then I recommend the following procedure. 1st offense: reassign and notify the parent; 2nd offense: double the detention and notify the parent; 3rd offense: complete an Office Discipline Referral and give it to an administrator to deal with. IT IS THE CLASSROOM TEACHER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY ATTENDANCE AND TO ENTER INFORMATION ON THE GOOGLE DOC.

4. If you are in charge of monitoring detention, pick up a radio from Mr. Pressnell in the office. Make sure you have your computer so you can enter the student attendance. You will need to be in the AV room by 3:05. Detention runs from 3:05 - 3:35. There are no tardies if a student is late without a note from a teacher, he/she will have to make it up.

5. Contact an administrator if you have questions.


PTA Open House - Thursday, February 25 from 6 - 8

Please make your plans to attend this important PTA meeting. We had several teachers hired after the beginning of the year and have gained many students since our last PTA Open House; and this will provide a great opportunity for us to meet parents. The PTA has also asked me to provide a "State of the School" presentation. I encourage your clubs and organizations to demonstrate what you have to offer to HJHS students. This will be the 1st opportunity for 6th grade parents and students to see all we can do to help their kids grow! Remember this is a required event - if you cannot attend, I need to know ASAP.

PBIS should Continue to be a Focus for All

Continue to emphasize the importance of our Panther PRIDE plan! Review procedures regularly and look for students who are meeting our expectations!!

One place you can go for additional ideas and assistance in working with students in a PBIS mindset go to www.pbisworld.com for ideas!

Thanks to the teachers who have served on our PBIS team: Kwesi Jackson, Stacy Jamison, Ashley Paludan, Tracy Sears, & Calandra Williams. They are continuing to work to make this a positive culture shift for our school!

Monday, February 1 Department Meeting Schedule (rescheduled)

Mrs. Miller will be meeting with you during common planning in her room. If we have substitutes available, we will follow the schedule listed below:

2nd Period: ELA (Subs will cover Smith and Marshall)

3rd Period: Math (Sub will cover Woltjen)

4th Period: Science (Subs will cover Barnes and Lott - eat after meeting)

6th Period: Social Studies (Sub will cover Marshall)

If we do not have substitutes plan on meeting with Mrs. Miller during your planning time to discuss data -- this will include our elective teachers.



  • February 1 - April 1: ACCESS for ELLs and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs

  • Monday, February 1: Data meetings during common planning (if subs are available, we will have entire departments meet); Plans for At-Risk Students are due (details below)
  • Wednesday, February 3: Faculty Meeting

  • Monday, February 8: 3rd Nine Weeks Progress Reports Go Home
  • Monday, February 8: Tuesday, February 9: Choir State Solo & Ensemble Festival

  • Wednesday, February 10: PST meetings after school

  • Wednesday, February 17: Faculty Meeting/Equity Training

  • Wednesday, February 24: PLC Meetings

  • Thursday, February 25: Spring PTA Open House
  • February 29 - March 4: SchoolNet Benchmark Assessments

  • Thursday, March 3 - Friday, March 4: State Choral Festival

  • Wednesday, March 2: Faculty Meeting

  • Friday, March 4: End of the 3rd Nine Weeks
  • Wednesday, March 9: PST meetings after school

  • Monday, March 14: 3rd Nine Weeks Report Cards Go Home.
  • Wednesday, March 16: Faculty Meeting/ARI
  • Wednesday, March 30: PLC Meetings
  • Monday, April 4 - Tuesday, April 5: State Choral Performance Assessment

  • Wednesday, April 6: PST Meetings

  • Wednesday, April 13: Faculty Meeting

  • Thursday, April 14 - Sunday, April 17: Advanced Choir Trip to New York

  • Monday, April 18: 4th Nine Weeks Progress Reports Go Home
  • April 18 - 27: STAR Spring Benchmark

  • Wednesday, April 20: PST meetings after school

  • Wednesday, April 27: Faculty Meeting/Test Security

  • April 28 - May 13: ACT End of Course Tests (Algebra I and Geometry)

  • May 2 - 13: ACT Aspire

  • Wednesday, May 4: Faculty Meeting

  • Wednesday, May 11: PST meetings after school - End of the Year

  • Thursday, May 19: Spring Choir Concert at HHS