Faculty F.Y.I.

November 22, 2019

Dear Teachers and Staff,

Thanksgiving Break is officially right around the corner! I hope you are looking forward to a restful and relaxing time away.

Thank you for some great conversation and sharing of ideas at our Faculty Meeting on Wednesday afternoon. I hope you were able to take away a few ideas that you could use in your classroom.

I'm also looking forward to our Thanksgiving Paraliturgy on Wednesday (11/27) at 1:15pm in the gym. A big thank you to all the members of our Liturgy Committee for planning this beautiful prayer service to help prepare us for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Looking ahead, our next half-day professional day is Wednesday, December 4th. We will be taking a brief break from working on our ELA Curriculum to focus on another of our three major goals for the year: personalizing learning through various blended learning strategies. I'm looking forward to delving deeper into this topic with all of you. You can find an introductory article for our discussion in the section below.

Thank you for all that you do for our students each day! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!


Kevin Peloquin

Blended Learning and the Catholic School - A Snapshot

At your leisure, peruse the article attached below. It documents the journey of one teacher in a Catholic school to begin shifting instruction towards a more blended and personalized model.

It certainly does not provide all the answers, but it does provide some insight into how even small changes in instruction can allow us to better personalize learning and ultimately improve student growth.

Important Dates & Documents

If you have not yet done so, please contribute to our Sunshine Fund! The envelope is in Joyce's office.

Wednesday, November 27th, 1:30pm

Thanksgiving Paraliturgy in the Gymnasium

Thursday, November 27th - Sunday, December 1st

Thanksgiving Break!

Wednesday, December 4th

  • Half-day Professional Day 11:30am-2:45pm
  • Jingle Mingle! 6pm

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