Room 105 News

October 30, 2013

Dear Families:

We began our first official science unit last Thursday. Thanks to David and Stefan (Kaleo and Nikolas' dads) for helping the lesson run extremely smoothly. Many of the children extended the lesson by hunting for solids around the playground!

Tomorrow is Halloween. Please send students to school with their costumes in their backpacks or a bag. They will be changing into costumes for the parade at 12:15.
Please no costumes with weapons of any kind (a light saber is considered a weapon), and no violent/bloody costumes at school.

Parent/Teacher Conferences begin next week. At the bottom of this newsletter you will find the list of currently scheduled conferences. If you can no longer meet at this time, please email me so that we may reschedule for another date or time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at:

Thank you,
Susanne Reed

In Class...

Reader's Workshop--Reading Strategies (What to do when we are stuck),
/Partner Reading/ Reading Non-fiction/ Building Reading Stamina/ Finding Word Chunks/ Story Retelling
Writer's Workshop--We're still PUBLISHING!!!
Math--Addition story problems, Finding the mystery (?) part of an equation, strategies for "counting on", addition facts to 10.
Spelling/Word Study-- Long /a/ spelled -ay
Social Studies-- The Days of the Dead
Science-- Foss Unit--Solids

Classroom Wish List

**Unscented Baby Wipes
** 1 Bean Bag Chair for partner reading

Upcoming Events...

10/31 Assembly @8:15
10/31 Halloween parade and party

11/4--11/6 Parent/Teacher Conferences

11/8 No School

Halloween Schedule--10/31

10:45--11:35 Lunch
12:15 -12:35 Dress kids for the parade
12:40 Parade
1:00 Class Party
2:00 Clean up
2:20 Dismissal

Parent/Teacher Conference Schedules

**Conferences are 20 minutes in duration

Monday 11/4
1:30 Sorcha
2:30 Jaylin
3:00 Margot
4:00 Liam
4:20 Ally Rose
4:40 Maeve
5:00 Jacob

Tuesday 11/5
1:50 Dylan
2:10 Louis
2:30 Elena
3:20 Niko
3:40 Andrew
4:40 Gracie

Wednesday 11/6
Nikolas L.
1:50 Nicolas H.
4:20 Nathan
4:40 Camille
5:00 Greta