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Week of September 12th, 2016

Conferences Next Week!

I sent out a REMIND message on Tuesday with a link to a short survey. If you haven't filled it out yet, please do so ASAP. This will be helpful information for me as I prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences next week. Here is a link to the survey:

Notes were mailed from the office on Thursday with information about your Conference time. If for any reason your assigned time will not work, please let me, Mrs. Poppen, or Mrs. Abi know. I look forward to visiting with all of you about your amazing children!

Exploring the Unseen!

We are currently borrowing a kit from the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, SD with lessons to help us explore the unseen phenomenons in Science. What was once a gold mine is currently being used for some world-class Science. If you click on the link above you can watch the video that we watched about one project that is taking place deep underground. Pretty neat to have that type of science happening in South Dakota!

Our first challenge was to determine a way to submerge a paper towel in a tub filled with water without getting it wet. The materials they were given were a cup and a paper towel. The kids were all quick to figure this one out! All 4 groups stuffed their paper towels into their cups and then inverted their cups into the tub until it hit the bottom.

Here are a couple of examples of students' observation notes as to what happened and why the paper towel stayed dry:

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On Day 2, students were given a board with an unknown object mounted to the bottom of it. Students rolled marbles toward the object. Based on how the marble deflected back, they were able to make inferences as to the shape and size of that object. Our lesson focused on the idea that scientists do not "guess" at the answers until someone tells them they are right. Scientists have to make sure they have collected enough data from multiple experiences using different variables before they announce their results. Try and try again! The groups did a great job. They are quite the little scientists!


We did another lesson using our Ozobots this week. This week we tied in the Math concept of Probability. Given the map that the Ozobot had to follow, we did 15 trials to see how many times the Ozobot would make it to Aisle 3. Our findings were that out of 15 trials, it made it 4 times. So, we used our coding skills to create a map that would ensure that the Ozobot got to Aisle 3 every time! Sure enough, it worked! I gave the kids a few minutes to make their own tracks and they sure had fun with that!

Football Frenzy

This week in small groups, we read about the Birth of American football. We learned things such as the first football games had no rules and often got very violent, schools such as Harvard and Yale banned football in the early 1860's, Walter Camp is known as the "Father of American Football", and the first ball used for football games was round. We also did some research on our favorite NFL teams. You will be able to see our research on display next week when you come for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Band Notes

With the first week of lessons under our belts, students should now be establishing a practice routine at home. While we wish that all fifth grade students had the initiative and motivation to practice on their own, many students at that age are just not ready for that responsibility yet. They are going to need a gentle nudge from Mom or Dad sometimes. Please don't be afraid to insist that your student puts in adequate time on their instrument. They will thank you later, or if they won't, I certainly will!


I recommend 100+ minutes of practice each week, spread out over most days of the week. This is the amount of time it takes for students to be successful on their instruments. This amounts to about 15-20 minutes on most days of the week.

Help your student establish a routine by encouraging practice at the same time each day, and provide your student with a place that is designated just for practicing. Make sure they have a good chair and a music stand. Finally, let them know that you have heard them, and offer an encouraging word!

Our mantra for September is, "We Are Beginners!" and so we are going to allow ourselves to be proud to sound like beginners while we are learning what comes next. Getting good at playing an instrument takes time and practice, and lots of support from home!

School is Cool Assembly

Mr. John Fox, from Seattle, WA, visited our school on Friday with his "School is Cool!" Assembly. He is a yo-yo entertainer and had a bunch of cool tricks! The kids had so much fun (and the teachers did too!). I am sure you will hear all about the assembly this weekend.

Yo-yos will be available to purchase through the office this next week. Options and prices can be found here. If you wish to send money, please put it in an envelope marked with your child's name. He/she can hand it to me and we will make sure they get their yo-yos. A portion of the proceeds will be given back to the school. Students are not expected nor required to purchase anything!

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School Pictures

Thursday, Sep. 22nd 2016 at 9am

405 3rd Street Southwest

De Smet, SD

Forms were sent home on Friday. Be sure to send your paper back even if you do not wish to purchase pictures.