Francis Drake

by:Robert Henderson

where he was from

he was born in devonshire, England

his map routes taken

Drake started in england and intended to pass the strait of meg

places he discovered

they think he could of discovered california,alaska and oregon.


help defeat the spanish armada of 1588. vice admiral of the english navy,

his personality

he was a hero and really influential

purpose of voyages

With the success of the Panama expedition, Queen Elizabeth sent Drake out against the Spanish along the Pacific coast of South America in late 1577. She also clandestinely assigned him the task of exploring the Northwestern coast of North America, seeking a Northwest passage. Drake had five ships for the expedition.Drake had thus become the first Englishman to circumnavigate the world. The treasure he captured made him a wealthy man, and the Queen knighted him in 1581.

cool facts

was vice admiral of the english navy. he was considered one of englands best explorers
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