Iraqs lifestyle


Iraqs locations

Iraq is a country in Western Asia that is bordered by turkey. To the north Iran to the east Kuwait. The capital of Iraq is Baghdad. The nehgoring of Iraq are Jordan Saudi Arabia Kuwait Iran and turkey.


Haider al-Abadi is the president of Iraq and the minister is Fuad massum. Dictatorships happens in Iraq. Haider-Abadi is the dictator.

What I like in iraq

I like iraqs dry sandy deserts. The desert is one of my most favorite biomes to look at. I also like the creatures that dwell the desert.


Groundwater of karst aquifers is discharged mainly by numerous springs. often occuring at the contacts of carbonate. Most of the aquifers are dried out. Iraq has many aquifer but a lot of them are still dry.


Iraqi Bedouin living in areas of the Babil and Wasit provinces. Directly to the south and southeast of Baghdad, constitute a group of people that left.


Iraq dose not embargo with others. Iraq doesn't trade with other countries because of Haider al-abradi. Haider al-abradi is a dictator that doesn't allow trading