Cardinal Connection

March 2013

What is your PLC's thirty 30 day plan?

Team leads have access to the Cumulative Reporting link on CASCADE to retrieve your GAP group data. This information will help you in creating your 30 day plan. Attached to this e-mail are the templates for your reading and math 30 day plans for the next proficiency assessment Submit a copy of this plan by the March 15. Dr. Wheat will also receive a copy of your plan. Remember to NAME AND CLAIM!!!! In other words who are these students and what is their story. Name and Claim!!!!!!!~Dewey Hensley

Kindergarten Reading Assessment Data

During kindergarten PLC, the team has been incredibly intentional with naming and claiming every student. Last spring the kindergarten team worked collaboratively and designed a Chancey kindergarten readiness assessment. Preassessing the kindergarten students in the spring gave the team a head start in moving students. They did not wait on some arbitrary date to start meeting the students' individual needs. The tiering has been fluid and students are placed according to their tier. They personalized the learning and the students made incredible gains. Based on the district assessment (not Chancey assessment) we only have 9 kindergarten students not on grade level!!!!!!!!!! Go K!!!!!!!!

The first two assessments are students based on the tier rotation (which they base on our assessments that's why they are called assessment 1 and 2). The last assessment is the district assessment.

1. Chancey's assessments (1&2) are more rigorous than the district assessment

2. There is an obvious increase in students moving up in tiers and a decrease in students in tier 2&3

3. Chancey's rigorous kindergarten assessments compared to the district assessments (assessment 3) allowed for most of our students to be on or above grade level as evidenced by the chart below.

First and Second Grade Reading Data

The first grade team has 88 out of 107 students on level, above level or two points away from the winter DRA level. They are continuing to work hard to help students meet the spring DRA level of 16.

The second grade team has 90 out of 109 students on level, above level or two points away from the winter DRA level. They are continuing to work hard to help students meet the spring DRA level of 28.

All students that are not meeting their winter DRA is receiving some type of intervention. All three primary grades recognize the sense of urgency in getting students on grade level prior to leaving their current grade.

Grades 3-5 RPA #2 data Grades 1-5 MPA #2 data

For Your Information

*If you need to have your P/D students added to the yellow bulletin board please send me an e-mail to let me know they are on CASCADE. I will print out the names of those students and put them on the board. I need more science student names.

*Dont' forget March 15 at 4:30 all Chancey math teachers may go to Gheens and receive an iPad from the MSU iPad research project. Each day you will commit to completing a brief daily journal entry that is set up with drop down boxes. According to Sabeen at Gheens it is an easy entry based on your lesson of the day and they are not requiring a particular math program. This will add a fourth iPad to your class.

*Mark your calendars for Family Fun NIght on April 9.

*On-line transfers are available for certified and classified personnel from March 11-April 18, 2013. Remember to go where you can grow. If you are not growing under my leadership please go where you can grow.