Shaquille O'Neal

By Kaitlin Knocke

Shaquille's Fame

Shaquille O'Neal's fame came from mostly his size, as he was 7' 1" and 315 pounds which made him an outstanding basketball player. Shaquille was also famous for his charity work, that he did a lot of.

How Shaquille Became Successful

1.) Shaquille was already 6'6" at 13 years old, so it was easy for him to shoot over people.

2.) Shaquille's family had issues with money when he was growing up, so he decided to pursue his dream to play professional basketball to put food on the table for his family.

3.) Because Shaquille was so big, he received a full basketball scholarship to LSU before he senior year even started.

Important Parts of Shaquille's Life

1.) Robert G. Cole Junior/Senior High school

Where Shaquille went to high school; he started his basketball career here.

2.) The Orlando Magic

Shaquille's first NBA team, he was first round draft pick.

3.) Shaq Attaq

The title of Shaquille's first autobiography.

Fun Facts about Shaquille!

1.) Shaquille's career free throw percentage was 52.5%.

2.) Shaquille played a total of 35,925 minutes in his career.

3.) Shaquille O'Neal played for 3 different NBA teams, The Orlando Magic, L.A. Lakers, and Miami Heat.

4.) Besides basketball, Shaquille was a rapper, police man, and actor.

5.) Shaquille O'Neal rented 400 apartments for victims of hurricane Katrina.

The Life Lesson

If you read this book, you may learn that,"Being great isn't about putting it between your legs, scoring 50 or 60 points. Being great is how you help your other teammates to strive. That is what being great is about." -John Wooden, college basketball coach. Which means showing off doesn't make you great, what really matters is helping others to do great with you.

Shaquille O'Neal Giant On and Off the Court

By Tom Robinson