Made by Alejandra Armendariz


My country is France

The capital is Paris

Location is Western Europe

Population of average age is 40.9


Most important mountains are Maldoveanu , Negooiu , Vistea

Most important Architecture are Eiffel tower , Amphitheater , and Palace of Versailes

Most important bodies of water are Mediterran Sea , English Channel , The Loire

Most important cites in France are Bordeaux , Cannes , Marseille

The climate in France


In France they have mild summers and cool winters

The average of yearly rainfall is 3.374 sq miles

The average temperature in France is 33.5


The government type is republic

The major religion is Roman Catholic

The major sport is Tennis

The top 3 holidays are Easter , Whit Monday , and Christmas

The major types of music are Classic and Romantic

Interesting Facts

The story behind the flag is it is modeled after the flag of France , the colors are those of the principalities of Walachia and Moldavia which united in 1862 to form Romania.

The native animals are the Marbled Newt , The fire salamander , Racoon dog , and Grey wolf

The mode of transportation is aircraft , trains , ferris , coaches/buses , cars , and taxis