Mini Miners Preschool Post

September 10, 2021

Thank you for keeping your kids home if they have any symptoms of illness.😃

** An Important Note From Our Nurse **

Dear Parents,

As you know, each student must have a current vaccine record or a current vaccine exemption on file in the school. The CDPHE changed their requirements for vaccine exemptions starting this year. I am including a link to follow their instructions on how to meet those requirements. After Sept. 23, your student will be excluded from school until I receive what is required. If you have any questions please let me know.

Laurie Meeker RN

Park County RE-2 School Nurse



Early Release 1:00 Wednesday!

No afternoon classrooms (Ms. Roz's class) Wed., Sept 15

Parents Corner

What are we learning the first several weeks of school?

The first several weeks of school are crucial to the foundation of our student's school success. Everything we do at preschool is intentional, engaging and relates to learning objectives outlined in the Colorado Academic State Standards. And the best part, we accomplish this through play and fun!

Routines and schedules provide a sense of stability and safety for children. The ability to predict what is coming up next increases memory while giving children the understanding of everyday events. Predictable routines also helps children trust caring adults will provide for their needs. This furthers stable attachment and relationships with others.

Each class is focusing on friendships, family, and teaching the importance of community. Again, the foundation for a healthy thriving learning environment. In doing so, children begin to understand and demonstrate self-regulation, empathy, fairness, proper conflict resolution and self confidence.

Here are a few specific CO standards and learning objectives we are targeting:

  • Understand one's relationship to the family and community and respect differences in others.
  • Understand the reasons for rules in the home and classroom and for laws in the community.
  • Show interest in interacting with and developing relationships with others.
  • Recognizes that everyone has rights and responsibilities within a group.
  • Demonstrate self-regulation behaviors and fairness in resolving conflicts.
Six Core Strengths for Healthy Child Development: An Overview

What you can do at home!

Continue your child's school learning at home!

Here are some fun, easy ideas you can do:

  • Ask about their friends, games they played, books they read together, etc.
  • Talk about routines at home. Talk about the similarities of school routines and your home routines. (washing hands before eating, playing outside, etc.) What are some differences?
  • Ask your child to help with laundry, setting the table and other age appropriate chores around the house. (builds sense of belonging)
  • Do random acts of kindness together.
  • Play collaborative games.
  • Do a fun art project together or other craft project.
  • Read books about friends and feelings.

Overall take time to play with your children, read books and just have fun!!

Classroom Highlights!

This Week In the Ponderosa Room 9/9/2021

We had a great first week in the Pondrosa Room.

We have fingerpainted together, learned how to use watercolor paints, and chosen our name signs! We love the playground, especially riding bikes and sliding.

Important learning points this week were about how friends. Learning names, sharing, and taking turns by passing a ball and trading instruments. Our special books this week were “Dear Zoo” and “Llama Llama Zippity Zoom.”

It has been so much fun getting to know each other!

Miss. Sarah and Miss. Karina

We Need Your Help!

Even if you don't qualify for free & reduced lunches, or your child does not eat lunches at preschool, please fill out the form anyway.

Your information helps our district!!

Application 2021


Solicitud del hogar para comida escolar gratuita y de precio reducido

Instrucciones de la Solicitud de Comida Escolar Gratuita y de Precio Reducido

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Full Day & Modified Full Day (8:00-1:00) Classes Only

If your student eats lunch at preschool, please fill out the form for our food services staff if your child needs dietary modifications.

September School Lunch Menu

Thanks so much!

Dietary Preference Form for Meal Modification (English)

Medical Statement for Meal Modification

Free - Playgroup for families with children ages 0-3 years: Tuesdays from 11:00-12:00!

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Upcoming Dates:

  • Tuesday, September 14: Playgroup 11:00-12:00

  • Wednesday, September 15: Early Release Day. Preschool Pick Up 1:00.

No afternoon class (Ms. Roz's class)

  • Wednesday, October 20: Early Release Day. Preschool Pick Up 1:00

No afternoon class (Ms. Roz's class)

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5th Annual Cornhole Tournament

Hello All,

Even if throwing bags into a hole isn't your thing, you can still come and support the South Park Schools Foundation and Rec Center at the 5th Annual Cornhole Tournament. We will have a pulled pork meal deal (made by the master chef Gary Goettelman) and a hotdog meal deal for kiddos. There will be a variety of beverages as well. So head down to the Alma Town Park between 11 and 5 this Sunday.