We are having a wonderful and funny Catholic School’s week. Thank you very much for supporting your children dressing them on different ways.

This Friday the 5th, we have our Valentine’s Day activity. We are going to the Post Office at 12:30 due our Catholic School Assembly at 1:30 p.m. Volunteers who are walking with us can be here at school at 12:15 p.m. To all the parents who have not sent the red envelope or the field trip permission form, please send it ASAP before Friday. Without the permission form, your child will be unable to go and without the red envelope for their valentine your child may feel disappointed.

Tomorrow Thursday February 4th, we have our Grandparents Event. The Mass is at 9:00 a.m. Our children are attending the weekly Mass. Grandparents may sit with their grandchild. Afterwards, they will go up to the auditorium to have TEA and watch a program prepared by Mr. Nolting, our Music teacher, in honor of our Grandparents. Grandparents will then bring their grandchild down to their classroom after the TEA and program.

PRE-K 3 is going to have to cancel the party with food and drink as previously mentioned due to our annual nutrition inspection happening on the 11th of February. Since a lot of party food comes from outside the school, it may not pass the nutritional guidelines that we are strictly under and we do not want to lose our breakfast and lunch program because of outside food being brought in that day.

Our Valentine celebration in our classroom on Thursday, February 11th will consist of only passing out our valentines to each other and doing some Valentine art activities or games. Parents we are sorry to have to cancel your attendance this day. We will just have a regular day with the passing of valentines but no party and no food or drink.

We’ll appreciate that.


Phonics: This week we are introducing the letter G. We are singing, dancing, coloring, cutting and pasting a funny looking “G.” We are also learning more about how to identify specific letters.

In Math, we now can recognize the numbers from 1-10. The next step is to teach them the number related to its quantity. We also know how to make cupcakes and cookies by watching videos. We are baking them here at school. They’re very excited.

Religion: Our students are learning more about our Lord’s love. We’re introducing the song “El Amor de Dios es maravilloso” (God’s love is wonderful) and you can hear it on YouTube. We are now singing and dancing expressing our Lord’s love. We are introducing a new prayer as well, “Angelito de mi guarda” (My Guardian Angel) and you can help your child to memorize it at home:

“Angelito de mi Guarda, mi dulce compañía, no me desampares ni de noche ni de día.”

They can also memorize the 2 previous prayers as well.

“Niñito Jesús, que tiemblas de frio, dame tu corazón y yo te doy el mío”

“4 esquinitas tiene mi cama, 4 angelitos que cuidan mi alma”.

Here is the list of names for filling out your Valentines at home: Cati, Adrian, Silas, Ellianna, Deric, Jade, Elise, Elizabeth, Daniel, Julian, Franklin, Clara, Rowan, Evelynn, Sebastian, Sam, Rey, Vivian, Elena, Emmanuel & Citlali.

The School Store is open everyday for the selling of Valentine Grams UNTIL THE 10TH! These special Valentines are delivered to students in other grades or in your child’s own grade. They will be delivered to the classrooms by the Student Council on Thursday, the 11th, the day of our Valentines' party. They cost 1.00. If your child would like to surprise a friend with this special valentine, just let the teacher know if your child would like to purchase one.


Thank you very much to our volunteers. We really appreciate all your help and support.

Parents we hope you are having an awesome week!

Ms. Marseille and Ms. Sonia