Resources in the Classroom

Ways to stay up to date on great new resources

Surfing the Net with Kids

This site is a very useful for teachers in the classroom. It has a large amount of many educational games and links for teachers to use in the classroom. Not only does it have great tools to use in the classroom but it also provides several links for parents to use. There are also several blogs providing all kinds of tips for teachers and parents in regards to apps and ways to use them in the classroom and at home

Cool Tools for Schools

This site was full of awesome tools to use such as presentation tools, research tools, slideshow tools, etc. There is a list of at least 15 things of this nature and have all sorts of great ways to present material or teach a lesson. Not only is it a great tool for teachers to present something but it also has ways to create quizzes, assignments, games of all sorts! It is really helpful in giving several options to assess students and make it easier on the teacher by giving neat ideas to use.


This website is another of many resources that is a great resource to find out many strategies that prepare students for achieve great success in their future education and careers. They collaborate with researchers to help teachers understand these strategies to improve their learning. There are several videos and tutorials discussing all sorts of learning in different ways and incorporating different things in the classroom.

Great Teaching, Inspiring Classrooms

The teaching channel website is full of videos and topics discussing things such as assessment, behavior, common core, new teachers, etc. There are also several lesson ideas and resources available to create a wonderful classroom environment. Below I posted a video of the experience of a new teacher and their experiences and thoughts on teaching.

Create and Share Visual Ideas Online

This website is a very useful resource in being able to create visuals (infographs) on an assignment and represent information such as graphs and data in a interesting, fun way. This would be neat to take advantage of in the classroom for a science or math unit to graph information.


Ed Puzzle is a very useful website where you can create your own videos and it is a good way to make it your own! On the site you are able to get a video, pick out the part you want, and add your voice or embed quizzes within the video. This is a really neat tool to bring into the classroom and make learning fun! Below is a video of how to crop a video on edpuzzle.


Pinterest is an extraordinary source for teachers to look for lesson ideas, classroom management, materials, activities, and so much more! You are able to follow anyone who has a pinterest and gain some amazing ideas to help your classroom run a little bit smoother. It has so many different current technology advice and ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. iPads are huge in the schools now and Pinterest is a great tool to find great apps to use!

Barbara Feldman Education Tips and Tools

This blog is full of neat and exciting things that can be brought into the classroom and input from a woman who shares her experiences in not only in the classroom but in life. I found one tool she put on her bog that I thought would be very useful which was the Kindle Fire content subscription service for kids 3-8. FreeTime Unlimited provides nearly unlimited supply of apps, ebooks and videos for only a monthly fee of $2.99.

Smore Tutorial

Teachers First: Thinking Teachers Teaching Thinkers

This website is just another one of the resources to provide all teachers with advice, classroom planning calendar and lesson plans and how to go about incorporating these. There are all sorts of professional resources such as help for new teachers, working with parents, time savers, handy tools and so much more.

Discovery Education

This website is full of unique ways to transform the classroom in several ways. There is all kinds of information and tips for administration, teachers, parents, and even students. There is homework help and programs for them to become better learners outside of the classroom.