2 Tech Tips on a Tuesday

Discover something new!

Presentation Programs

Want your students to 'show what they know'?

Here are 2 programs that allow students to showcase their learning!

Haiku Deck (iPad/Web)

Go Haiku Deck to view how the program works.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use Haiku Deck…

1.) Open House Presentation or Meet the Teacher.

2.) Develop a school tour, or even town tour, to share with classes that you Skype with.

3.) Students develop a digital portfolio by snapping photos of projects they have done throughout the year and adding text to reflect.

4.) Take the Ipad on a field trip and pass around for each student to create a slide throughout the day.

5.) Photograph classroom and make a classroom tour. Better yet, have the kids create it and take ownership.

6.) Create a Haiku Deck to start off a project. Include some cropped photos to build interest and mix in some essential questions.

7.) Encourage students to create one about a school staff member after interviewing them.

8.) Develop one Haiku Deck every week by having teams of students work on it, and share the story of your school year.

9.) Encourage kids to summarize a book in a Haiku deck. Book reviews could be linked on Blackboard to encourage others to read the book, too.

10.) Take a geometry scavenger hunt around the school with cameras. Create a Haiku Deck to display the findings.

Tackk (iPad/Web)

Go to Tackk to view how the program works.

10 Ways to Use Tackk in the Classroom

• Historical projects

• Presentations to students/districts/teachers

• Class photo memories

• Peer critiques/feedback

• Skype classroom collaboration

• Student ePortfolios

• Video/audio display

• Research organization

• School/class newsletters

• Essays and book reports

Let me know if you want more information about these 2 programs. HAPPY TUESDAY!