October 2019, Volume 3

Yes, It's Really October!

While in a school, it was always interesting how October just snuck up on us. The first six weeks of school was over, routines and procedures were in place, and it was time to start thinking about the first grading period progress reports.

This was also a fun time as we could start planning for Halloween (both in terms of activities and how to survive the increase in sugar intake), for the first of the many first semester holidays. Dry ice was always a hit at the classroom celebration--well, dry ice is always a hit!

Here are what you'll find in this issue:

  • Title I Allocation Musings
  • What is Neglected and Delinquent?
  • Title Con 20/20 updates
  • Important Upcoming Dates
  • Recommended Resources to Bookmark
  • Ideas for who to follow on Twitter

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Happy Halloween!

Title I Allocation Musings

This fall, local education agencies (LEAs) across the state will receive updated Title I allocation figures, also known as Interim Title I allocations. Have you ever wondered why there are multiple iterations of a Title I allocation? Typically, LEAs will also receive bookended planning and final allocations to complete the figurative “allocation sandwich”. What variables, or “ingredients” change? Better yet, how does any Title I allocation come to be?

Title I allocations may be a source of confusion for LEAs across the state due in large part to unfamiliarity with the formula behind the funding. Each year, school district leaders across the state put forth their best effort to budget funds responsibly, while at the same time maximizing their impact, but may experience unforeseeable drops in funding that lead to unanticipated and difficult decisions.

Did you know there is a way for LEAs to use extant data to anticipate, or “forecast” drops in funding?

Did you know “The Formula Behind the Funding” was presented at Title Con 2019: Striving for Results and is available online?

These resources were created with you, the LEA, in mind. If you are included amongst those who would like to better understand Title I allocations, I encourage you to invest some time learning more about those variables that influence our nation’s largest source of supplemental federal funding for education. As Indiana Department of Education Superintendent, Dr. Jennifer McCormick would say, “#beinformed”!

Dwayne Marshall

Senior Federal Grants Specialist

For more information on this topic, and/or how to utilize the resources below, contact me at:


Twitter: @DAusben80

VIDEO: “The Formula Behind the Funding”

Title I Funding Forecast Report FY2020

What is Neglected and Delinquent?

What does Neglected and Delinquent mean in terms of Title Funds?

ESEA Section 1432 states:

The term institution for neglected or delinquent children and youth means —

(A) a public or private residential facility, other than a foster home, that is operated for the care of children who have been committed to the institution or voluntarily placed in the institution under applicable State law, due to abandonment, neglect, or death of their parents or guardians; or

(B) a public or private residential facility for the care of children who have been adjudicated to be delinquent or in need of supervision.

Am I eligible for Title I, Part D funds? Please click and follow the flowchart above.

For more information, please visit IDOE website or here for Title I, Part D Subpart 2. You may also contact Meg McCullough, Federal Grants Specialist.

Title Con 20/20: Creating A Vision for the Future

We can now announce the tentative dates for Title Con 20/20:

  • April 14--Pre-Conference Workshops
  • April 15-16--Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

The new dates are based on feedback from Title Con 2019 we received to work around testing as much as possible.

There are some big names in education planned for Keynote speakers. You won't want to miss the opportunity to hear and meet them.

Title I, II, and IV Funds may be used, if budgeted (or amended to budget), for travel expenses to attend Title Con. Program Administrators (new and experienced), Treasurers, Superintendents, and other related members of your Title Teams are invited and encouraged to attend.

We'll announce the venue and speakers, along with some of the topics to be covered at the workshops and sessions, as soon as we can.

Important Upcoming Dates

2020 Application Deadlines
  • October 18, 2019: SIG 1003(a)

  • Fall 2020: 21st CLCC

Comparability Reports Due

  • October 31, 2019

Full Calendar of dates for Title Funds.

Recommended Bookmarks for Resources

If you are like us, there are websites we just keep going back to over and over, but have to do a search for it over and over too.

There is a lot to remember for any of the Title Grants. Feels like too much at times. We wanted to share our "favorite" most-used link that helps us as we review grants throughout the year.

Dwayne Marshall: ESSA Title II Part A Guidance October 7, 2016

Mitch Fortune: Resources for LEAs and Non-Public Schools

Tracie Mansfield: ESSA on USDoE

Meg McCullough: What is Title I, Part D?

Frank Chiki: Resources -- PD, PPTs, Guidance, SWP TAS Parent Involvement, etc.

Shawniece Hawkins: Transact

Shaun Pennington: State Board of Education

Twitter Accounts to Follow


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