Syllabus for English Language Arts

For 2013- 2014 School Year Ms. maxwell's Class

You will read and write in this class!

This class will focus on closely reading text to determine key ideas or central themes. You will be asked to analyze text structure, word choices, content, determine validity of an argument and compare text. You will write frequently and produce clear and coherent texts that explain, argue, describe, and compare.


Please Review Our Grading Policy!

Evaluation includes participation, in- class assignments, quizzes and writing. In this class, all units end with a written test. This may be an essay, a narrative, written response to a text or other media, or other written assignment. Writing is 50 percent of your grade! There is no "instead of" credit; however, all writing assignments can be revised to improve your grade. This must be completed within one week after the assignment was returned. Late work is not accepted in this class.

What to do if you are absent.

The best thing to do when absent is to call Vanessa at the Student Service Center and ask for the homework for the days when you will be absent. Then, Ms. Maxwell will put the assignments together and a parent or guardian can pick up the work. If this is not possible, then you (student) are responsible to get the assignment from Ms. Maxwell.