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Hello Bumblebee families!! We have had a great start to 2017. We have been working on the letters U, V and next come W and X. A fun way to talk about the letter V is Vinegar and baking soda. They LOVED it. If you haven't already, you can see the video on Facebook. Now that the Holidays are over we can really concentrate on more Math and Science. We have started playing a few simple math games and the kids seem to really enjoy them. Science experiments are also a big hit with kids lately. We talked about how animals keep warm in the winter and for them to feel the difference we used snow and margarine (fat) to put their hands in.

We really try to concentrate on providing meaningful play. Laura has shared a few articles on Facebook to showing that forcing kids to do too much seat work at a young age isn't having the desired results, and kids who do this are actually not performing as well as their peers by second grade. We know it sometimes looks all we do is play around (which we do!), but most of the time it has a skill/lesson behind it. Yes, sometimes things are just fun too!!!

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Important info

As the weather gets colder (and warmer) we will go outside any time it is dry enough and over 45. Please send coats just incase.

Miss Sarah is only about 4 weeks away from having baby Grace!!! Also my daughters Olivia (dance) and Graycen (gymnastics) both have out of town competitions coming up at the end of February and beginning of March so there may be a few days that Miss Sarah and I are both gone. Miss Trish and Miss Laura will be covering for us. The kids know Miss Trish, as she has been subbing for us all year and of course they know Miss Laura. We are doing everything possible to make the days run smoothly even if we can't been there. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We've had a few questions about what we might need as additional supplies. Please don't feel obligated but if you would like to donate these are some items we use the most of.

~ plastic spoons

~ small thin paper plates

Miss Byra and Miss Sarah

Feel free to contact us any time.