Scott's Personality


Books represent Scott because Scott changed ever since he has started reading books. He has also connected with Lee because of books and has bonded more with Wesley because of his books.


Scott was honest to Julia when she asked if he had asked someone to the dance.

"To my credit,only a couple of seconds passed before I opened my mouth and killed a thousand fantasies with a single sentence. I've asked someone."


Scott's schedule consisted of mostly Higher learning classes like his honors English class.

"I wasn't sure how I ended up in honors class. Maybe it was because of the test we'd taken at the end of last year."


When Scott tackled his friend Kyle, Scott surprised everyone when he pinned down Kyle.

"The old me never would have beaten Kyle. But between gym class, stage crew, and calisthenics in Spanish, I guess i put on a bit of muscle."


Scott wrote creative thing for the newspaper articles.

" Hot chocolate," Terry said. "that's was cool writing. You're a funny guy, Hudson."


Julia told Scott he was lucky and had it made.

"Are you kidding? You're on the newspaper. You were in the stage crew. You got elected student council. everywhere I look, there you are. I don't know how you managed to fit it all in."



Scott knows how to talk and speak Spanish the rest of his life. He helped his father when two Spanish speaking tourists came through his fathers work.


Scott always had a joy for writing. It will lead to more opportunities in his life since he is able to come up with many creative ways to write about anything.


Scott will always remember being on the newspaper and having to go to all the schools games even though he doesn't like sports. Scott will always remember when Mouth asked him to do the reading section of the newspaper.


Scott will always remember how Bobby was always there when Scott needed him. Scott will try to always be there for his younger brother just like bobby was for him.


Scott will always remember the night that his baby brother was born. He will remember his friend Wesley picking him and Lee up in a limo for the school dance.

Scott's Future

I believe that Scott's dream is to be the first in his family to go to college. He will probably want to take up a career that involves writing. I believe his dream is to also help his younger brother in any way he can.