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Affordable shoes

you're office has a dressier dress code, consider work heels that are no more than 3 inches in height and a neutral or at least solid color. It's not always best to wear your wild, 5 inch zebra heels to work, though they may be perfect for going out after. Stay conservative until you can really get a feel for the office's personality.

When looking for affordable shoes for retail, most stores have a pretty strict guideline when it comes to uniforms, specifically color-wise. You also can't have any logos on your shoes. So if you buy a great pair of black sneakers, because sneakers are allowed, you better make sure they don't have any logo of the company on them. You want something solid and unassuming. If sneakers aren't allowed, for both men and women, a good loafer can work as well as oxfords. For women, comfortable ballet flats in the right color can usually pass just fine as long as you wear dress socks with them. Do make sure they have enough cushioning because you don't want to be on your feet all day in a pair that makes you feel like you are walking barefoot.