My Media Rich Presentation

My Reflection on the learning experiences in this course and then the MATLT program as a whole

This was by far the most challenging, but most enriching class thus far. I found several ways to use media in the classroom for learning. I have always felt that with time things will continue to gradually change and I believe that is part of classroom environment also. The introduction of technology social media, skype, YouTube, and various others offers a different platform for delivering learning content to the students. I feel that mixing traditional with new teaching methods will give the students a well-rounded learning environment.

My Reflection on the design and development challenges you experienced during the creation of your final project for this course

ePortfolio is a personal portfolio tool for storing, organizing, reflecting on, and sharing items that represent your learning. You can include items such as documents, graphics, audio files, videos, presentations, and course work to demonstrate your improvement or mastery in certain areas.

There were several challenges, but the main challenge was picking the right assignment to redesign with the Program Learning Outcomes. I was a little lost at first, but I figured it out, I think. Although the class was challenging, it was a good challenge because it made me continue to build upon the things learned in throughout the course. The learning outcomes are as follows:

PLO 1. Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to learning using technology;
PLO 2. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in current and emerging instructional technologies;
PLO 3. Design learning opportunities that apply technology- enhanced instructional strategies to support the needs of all learners;
PLO 4. Apply research to support learning in a technology-enhanced environment;
PLO 5. Exemplify ethical practices of technology usage;
PLO 6. Evaluate technology resources to facilitate effective assessment and evaluation;
PLO 7. Utilize technology to collect and analyze data, interpret results, and communicate findings; and
PLO 8. Demonstrate the ability to make informed decisions regarding the use of technology in support of learning and leadership.

This has been a wonderful journey.

One constructive suggestion for how the final project experience could be improved

I think that one suggestion would be not only have an understanding of the work you are trying to do, but do not feel bad about asking questions. You may feel lost at times and that is not a good feeling. You have an instructor and wonderful classmates to help you along the way.

My reflection on the journey from my enrollment to this moment in the MATLT Program. You are encouraged to highlight friends, family, instructors or fellow learners and even your Ashford University staff contacts, such as an advisor or librarian, who has contributed to your success.

My wife has been one of my biggest motivators in the class. I remember early on I would lose so many points for grammar errors. I now read my work to her when she is around and I have been able to correct a lot of mistakes that way. I have had some wonderful classmates and instructors, whom have all helped me learn along the way.