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Week 6 Term 4, Friday 25 November

Principal's Comment

Kia ora Parents and Caregivers

We are holding our end of year celebration conferences on Tuesday 6 December

The format for these conferences is less formal than the mid year interviews.

You can book your time by clicking on the booking link below.

Some tips before you attend the conference:

  • Come along during your designated time band.
  • Your child will introduce you to his/her teacher. There will be some other families in the room too. That’s OK!
  • Your child’s teacher will spend some time with you sharing in the discussion on your child’s achievements.
  • Your child will then spend some time with you sharing work both in their learning folders and in the room while the teacher works with another child and his/her family.
  • Take your time. Enjoy the occasion!
  • Give your child the encouragement that he/she deserves. It’s all about celebrating your child’s learning!
  • Help your child out if he/she gets stuck. Some useful prompts might be:

      • Tell me about this one
      • How have you improved?
      • I like the way you…..
      • What does this mean?

When the conference is finished you will be able to take the learning folder home to keep.

We look forward to seeing all families on Tuesday 6 December. Note that while conferences start at 2.00pm all children will be held at school until 3.00pm.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Celebration Conferences - click the booking link below:

Congratulations to our week 6 class certificate winners!

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Player of the day certificate winners for week 6!

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Sun hats

Children in Terms 1 and 4 are required to wear a school sunhat while outside. Sun hats can be purchased at the office for $10.

Important Dates

Tuesday 6 December Celebration Conferences

Thursday 8 December Year 6 Dinner

Friday 16 December Term 4 ends

Wednesday 1 February, 2023 Term 1, 2023 begins