Instructional eNews March 25, 2016

Provided by Julianne S. Reynoso

Updates from Principal's Meeting-3/23/2016

CEIS program changing for 16-17-The focus will be with 1st/2nd grade students. The end of the year data will determine services per site for next year. The CEIS teachers will be contacting you because they will be meeting with 1st grade teachers for criteria building in April and May-please excuse these teachers from the "A" meeting in order to do this. They will also be contacting Kinder teachers for assistance in selecting students for the 1st grade. Stay tuned....

On April 6th-Our 2nd Annual Early Education Extravaganza will be hosted at Madison Elementary on April 6th from 4-6pm. We would love for you to advertise by means of your Sunday blasts to spread the word about early education in PUSD.

Please be sure to send Carlos Garcia and I your school site phone information. Please select the routes to best serve your school community- Deadline-April 1st!

We need for your office staff to enter the ETK students for tracking purposes. The coding for this will be forthcoming....

Have a beautiful weekend and Easter!

Instructional Materials Meetings

Thank you for attending the IM meetings! They have been going well and I hope you that you are informed about the next steps in this area. As a gentle reminder, please be sure you have the form filled out and you need to bring your IM Inventory protocol with you.

**Update-we will NOT be ordereing the science workbooks...correction to the sheet I handed out to those who have already met with me.