Analog V.S Digital

By: Theo.B

Analog Technology

Analog is a type of technology... It's more old fashion. You can see and hear analog, it's a sound picture or light. Some types of analog technology is a clock, a tape recorder and a record. An analog signal is a continuous signal that stays on forever.

Digital Technology

Digital technology is a newer more advanced technology. Some examples of digital technology is a cellphone, a laptop and a camera. A digital signal has bits in it, it also contains electrical patterns. A digital signal is different from a analog signal because a digital is not constant while an analog is.

Signal differences

The analog signals are bumpy with ditches and bumps such as on a CD. Digital signals are smooth and faster than the analog signals. Digital signals are on more high technology items, and analog are on older. The digital signals are invisible to us but analog aren't.

Which would I perfer Digital or Analog

Is would perfer Digital because its newer and more high tech. Also many more people have that type of technology, so I wouldn't be is way faster to load up games and apps. Digital technology also has more games on it. Here are some examples of digital technology.

The cost

Analog video games can cost anywhere from 3$ to over 1000$, depending on the rarity and how many copies were made. But the average cost was around 15$. Digital games cost around 60 for the newest games.

The pros and cons

The pros for digital is its newer more advanced, more people have it. It's faster and has more games. The cons it costs way more money, its not as reliable. Now analog. Pros its cheaper its reliable because not as many people have it. The cons its older slower way less people have it it has less games.