By Nonie Shipston,Technology


This is probably the best news kid and maybe even parents have ever heard in a very long time,a new line of Ipods have hit all markets (shops) in the world.

The apple industries have been working very hard and finely completed the all new Ipod 5 thats right folks the ipod 5.

It was created on september the 11th 2012 and was released just today on september the 12th 2012 and at the time of 1:00PM.

The new hand held device is interesting to all ages from toddlers to grandparents it is a great hand held device to use it is quite small but easily enough to hold in your hands and is great for little kids to play with when you are doing work or if you just need to rest. It is easy to hold and turn on and off it just a click of a button and it turns off or on,there is 2 buttons to turn it on but only 1 to turn it off. There is a little circle to turn it on and if you want to get out of a game or application you just press it and it go's to your home page.

You can download apps AKA applications and music by just pressing on the app and you go straight onto it and then download the application its simple as that.

They ipod comes in all different colours such as:

red, blue, yellow, white and black there very cool.

So come QUICKLY before they all run out. :)