Techie Tuesday

December 2015

You Tube Is Now Available For Students!

It's here! You Tube is now available for student log in use on the district computers. Please keep the following in mind so that students can continue to utilize this important tool at school:
--Bandwidth is always an issue. If your whole class is viewing the same video, continue to show it on your smart board instead of having 32 students streaming it individually.
--You Tube access may be reduced or turned off during EOC exams or finals. This is to ensure that the resources are available to keep the network operating optimally for those who are testing.

Discovery Education

Remember United Streaming? Now it is known as Discovery Education--and it offers many other resources besides just video clips! New logins have been created for all FHSD students & staff to use with Discovery Education! This means you can now easily create classes and make assignments directly in DE or link your assignments to your Google Classroom. DE is a wonderful resource that is often overlooked. If you are interested in using it in your classroom and need assistance getting started, contact Sue or Michelle.

This resource can be accessed at credentials for teachers and students are as follows:


Username: District Username (abstaff)

Password: Employee ID # (12345)


Username: District Username (astudent123)

Password: Student ID # (123456)

There may be a few login issues for teachers that had accounts earlier. If you have a problem logging in, let Sue or Michelle know and we will contact Andy Black to correct the problem.

Board Builder-- Discovery Education

Board Builder is an exciting new tool in Discovery Education that allows you to create multimedia posters. You can create posters and projects that include text, photos, and video. It is like Glogster, only free! To access Board Builder from your Discovery Education account, just click on the Builder Tools drop down menu and select Board Builder.

Need ideas on how you can use Board Builder in our classroom? Here are 50 of them to get you started!