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Bear News *** October 2021

Parent Update

Parents and Students,

Wow! I cannot believe we have started the second six weeks. Please make sure your child is checking their grades and talking to their teachers about what is needed for them to be successful. The students are doing a great job getting into tutorials, but that needs to continue. Remember, we are a team and must work together to ensure that your child is SUCCESSFUL! If your child is struggling, please make sure to set up a parent conference so that we can determine how to better meet your child’s needs.

Stacey Barber

We have restocked BHI Spirit Shirts and BHI Sweatshirts!!

You may purchase on-line (BHI website) or in the front office

BHI Spirit Shirts - $12

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Sweatshirts - $20

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2nd Six Weeks Incentive:

· Beverly Hills is lucky enough to host the Texas Invitational. This is a HUGE high school basketball tournament and BHI is one of the tournament sites.

· If students would like to have the opportunity to attend...make sure that you have all passing grades and no discipline issues that result in ISC, Guidance Center or Suspension during the 2nd six weeks.

· We will have snacks and drinks sold during the games. Tickets will be $2.00 per game.

Reading Incentive - Due October 29th

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Math Incentive - Due October 29th

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Be a part of our school Spirit!

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Red Ribbon Week - October 25th - October 29th

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House Bill 4545 - What is it? How will BHI help my student?

What is HB4545 in a nutshell:

-The state’s way of attempting to get students caught up and close the gaps in education caused by a year and a half of interrupted instruction.

-Each student is required to receive 30 hours of additional instruction/tutorials for each STAAR test they failed or did not take.

How will BHI complete intervention and tutorials?

Intervention Schedule:

Two times a week (Tues/Wed) we will run our “Intervention Schedule”. Students that failed a STAAR test will be assigned to a math or reading class to receive extra instruction that will be counted towards their 30 hours. Students not assigned a math/reading class will be drafted to other classes.

Morning Tutorials:

When a student spends time with a teacher for added instruction in the morning…that can count towards the 30 hours.

Extended Day:

BHI will be offering extended day multiple times a week in multiple subjects. These extended days should target HB4545 students or students that have an academic need in a subject area. Bus transportation will be offered.

Saturday School:

Multiple times throughout the year, BHI will be offering Saturday school from 9-12. These will be 3 hour sessions targeting students that need extra learning/tutorials. Pizza will be provided

Dates for Saturday School: 10/16, 11/13, 12/11, 1/22, 3/5, 4/2, 4/30

September Students of the Month

Joseph Oviedo and Dylan Salinas

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September Teacher of the Month - Mr. Occhionero

Mr. Occhionero was nominated because of the way he interacts with his students and always keeps them engaged. He also started "Well Dressed Wednesdays." It is so important for students to have a role model, and Mr. Occionero consistently steps up to the plate every day.

Join us in dressing up each Wednesday for "Well Dressed Wednesdays"

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September Paraprofessional of the Month - Ms. Nelson

Ms. Nelson was nominated because she has helped out so much this year. She has gone above and beyond covering classes and is highly appreciated on campus by her colleagues! She always has a smile on her face even when she is busy.
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Important Dates for October:

October 11th - Staff Professional Development Day - Student Holiday

Octover 12th - Staff Professional Development Day - Student Holiday

October 13th - Progress Reports

October 16th - 9- 12 Saturday School (Any student that needs assistance with grades may attend)

October 20th - PSAT Test (8th grade)

October 25th - Red Ribbon Week - Rip drugs out of your life! Wear ripped jeans

October 26th - Red Ribbon Week - Follow your dreams and be drug free! Wear pajamas and slippers

October 27th - Red Ribbon Week - Life is paradise when you are drug free! Wear shorts, sunglasses and/or slides

6:30 -Halloween Bingo (Cafeteria - Parent Event)

October 28th - Fall Make-up Pictures / Red Ribbon Week - Don't sweat it, work it out and be drug free! Wear sweats

October 29th - End of the 2nd Six-weeks / Red Ribbon Week - Scare away drugs! Wear a Halloween costume

October 30th - Chess Tournament (BHI)