Madi Griffin

A Biography

Early Life/Basics

I was born on January 6, 2002, at Morristown Hamblen Hospital. I grew up and was raised in Dandridge, Tennessee. I have a mom, Becky, a dad, Steve, and a brother, Todd. I have a pet dog named Cloie.

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I love to watch Impractical Jokers, Everybody Hates Chris, Pretty Little Liars, and bits and pieces of the food network. When it comes to movies, I'm a huge geek. For example, I have seen all of the Harry Potter movies at least three times or more. I'm a huge 80s movie fan. My favorite color is purple. I love to read and write. My favorite book I have ever read is actually the book I am currently reading, City of Bones. I love to hang out with friends while shopping and getting Starbucks. I also love to take photographs with my Polaroid. My favorite kind of music to listen to is pop or classical. I love the youtubers PianaGuys who make classical remixes of new, current songs. My favorite song is Roses by The Chainsmokers.

Future Life

In the future, I do plan on going to college. I will be going to Carson Newman University for four years. So far, I would like to study either sports medicine or become an Ex-Ray Technician. After a official get a career and graduate college, I want to move to a beach town in the southeast US. I plan on traveling to London, England, and San Cabo lucas, Mexico.
Fight Song / Amazing Grace - The Piano Guys

Music by ThePianoGuys // one of my favorite songs