eTwinning Project

Partner schools from Poland, Romania, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain and Greece

The aim of the Project is learning about places worth to visit in countries of partners. The students present to their partners typical or important places for their country: capitals, places interesting for holidays, places they live in. They also learn about history, legends, food, monuments, architecture..typical for chosen places. They will create a virtual travel agency and as travel agents they will try to attract partners-travelers to visit their country.

What do the students do?

Work process

Children will work according to their interests and young age. They will know about their partners living places; they will communicate with their partners and share experience. They will organize a virtual trip and they will have fun.They will learn English words and structures related to the topic of journeys, introductions and to the song The wheels on the bus.

Students age 7-10

They will use a lot of tools: e-mail, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Twinspace, Video conference, Web publishing
Smart To Travel In Groups